The Ger­man courts are the choice for many paten­tees: the pro­ceed­ings are fast, the scope of pro­tec­tion of the patents is inter­pret­ed in a broad way and the cost risk analy­sis shows a pre­dictable outcome.

In the Euro­pean sys­tem, patents are enforced at the nation­al courts. Thus, the Ger­man courts have juris­dic­tion of Euro­pean patents being infringed in Ger­many. Over 70 % of all patent infringe­ment action of Euro­pean patents is filed with Ger­man courts.

DTS has a strong focus on the lit­i­ga­tion of patents. With the bifur­cat­ed patent lit­i­ga­tion sys­tem in Ger­many there are sev­er­al com­plex aspects and tac­ti­cal options that need to be con­sid­ered by a per­son famil­iar with these rules and able to com­bine them to the ben­e­fit of the client. Because of the cre­ative approach also for the defen­dant DTS was more than once able to bring a (on first sight hope­less) case to a favor­able issue.

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